Thoughtful Design

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Thoughtful design provides infinite returns. 


Great Design comes from many iterations and refinements.

Clients First

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Clients are the life-blood to doing what we love. We are committed to actively listening to our clients and keeping an open dialog about fees and expected services.


Person drawing on blueprints with pencil

From our years of extensive architecture and construction experience and expertise we are able to help clients our set realistic goals

Michael J. Duignan, RA

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In all my years and hundreds of client experiences, I have yet to finish a project and not look at architecture or building a space in a new way.  Great design and architecture is a gift that is continuously re-lived, and I find unique pleasure knowing that clients and  strangers find lasting experiences in what I've contributed to create.  Our design philosophy at the Studio focuses on the order of space, the warmth of materials, practical methods, and the careful study of solar orientation.  [I have a love affair with natural light that includes exploring new ways to capture and manipulate rays of the sun, providing infinite payback in your home or building every time the sun shines!]

 At the age of 16 I was designing fantasy additions for my parents Wantagh cape, and somehow my banker Dad allowed me to cut large holes in our roof to install new skylights - I just had to bring more of the vast outside in my small upstairs bedroom.   (Those same skylights still exist and have yet to leak a drop of water!) 

 My professional career has since taken many exciting turns; Architect, Design Build Contractor, Corporate Owners Representative, Corporate Real Estate Manager and then 18 Years a Real Estate Executive at JP Morgan. 

I'm back home to Architecture and Building...where the calling to return to my first chosen profession never ceased. 

 I would be thrilled to speak with you about a project you may be considering.  I'd love to exchange ideas and discuss great possibilities over a free consultation.