The name of our business reflects the pride of a place, community, and home. Those that live on Long Island and the metropolitan New York area are uniquely diverse and resilient; We are woven to a wonderful fabric that has vibrant colors and textures.

Whether your project is on Manhattan Island, Shelter Island or anywhere in between, please consider us your hometown Architecture, Commercial Construction, and Real Estate Consultation firm.

Our Philosophies

Clients Control Design

blueprints and pencil

Our strategy for a successful project relies on the Owner who shall maintain control of the Design and Budget.  Having a well conceived plan first adds clarity to the overall process and details what is expected from contractors. 

Clients First

two sets of hands drawing on blueprints with pencils, color wheel

Clients are the life-blood to doing what we love. We are committed to actively listening to deliver custom design services.  We strive to deliver exceptional advice and documents that shepherd a project towards individual Client goals.

Expertise & Goal Setting

person drawing on blueprints

Our decades of design and construction experience provides the backbone to helping clients set realistic goals early in their planning process. Honest dialog saves our Clients valuable time and unnecessary costs.